Somerset GP Trainees

We are excited to be starting up a new mentoring scheme as part of the Somerset GP training programme. The purpose of this programme is to promote connectivity between colleagues whilst also supporting and help guide new trainees in the programme.

Mentoring is a crucial part of being a doctor and favoured highly at interviews, as it demonstrates leadership, organisation and teaching . We offer in-house training to those approaching and in their final year of training and offer further guidance for those wishing to pursue formal qualifications in mentoring and coaching.

For further information contact Penny Bridges



  • Peer mentoring in Somerset GP patch
  • ST3 volunteers paired with ST1s (aiming for each mentor to have 2-3mentees each)
  • ST3 mentoring time will be covered by professional leave allowance – access via Intrepid
  • Peer and TPD supervision throughout the year


  • A total time commitment of approx. 1.5days professional leave is needed
  • 2hour mentor training session at beginning of the academic year – Nov 24th 2021 @ 14:00
  • 1hour attendance at ST1 induction to meet your mentees TBC
  • Time to meet with mentors on 3 Wednesday mornings (20 mins each mentee) throughout the year TBC
  • Further discussions meetings at your own discretion


  • There has never been a more important time to focus on trainee wellbeing and connectivity
  • Contribute to wider post-COVID recovery of workforce
  • Gain teaching and experience in mentorship which can be used in future career
  • Evidence of leadership – a requirement of ST3 RCGP curriculum