Educational supervision

What is Educational Supervision (ES)?

The Educational Supervision role is to help the trainee to plan their training and achieve agreed learning outcomes. They are responsible for the educational agreement and for bringing together all relevant evidence to form a summative judgement at the end of each placement and overall training.

What types of things will be reviewed by my ES?

  • Your eportfolio entries. Your ES will be checking your level of reflection.
  • Work Place Based Assessments (WPBA’s).
  • Checking you are achieving the requirements of the GP Curriculum.
  • Reviewing your clinical supervisors review and your multi-source feedback (MSF) submissions.

How is this different to Clinical Supervision?

You will have a different clinical supervisor for each post you undertake as part of GP training.
This supervisor will oversee your day to day clinical work.

Your educational supervisor oversees your overall progress throughout your 3 years of training. Your educational supervisor will work in the practice you will spend your ST3 year at. In most cases your educational supervisor will also be your clinical supervisor whilst in your final ST3 GP post.

How many meetings and are these important?

You will have an Educational Supervisor’s review every 6 months. In addition you should also have an initial meeting with your ES when you first start training in ST1. It is the GPST’s responsibility to contact their ES to arrange these meetings. Your ES will likely have multiple GPST’s allocated at different stages of their training.

ESR’s are extremely important, the ARCP process cannot be started without them.

Who is my Educational Supervisor?

You will have been allocated an educational supervisor at the start of your training. Their details will have been included with your training track information. Contact Matt Hay if you are unsure who your ES is.