Intra-deanery Transfers

If you are considering a transfer please talk to the PDs.

It is possible for GP Specialty Trainees (GPStRs) to be helped to move between GP training schemes within the Oxford Deanery. The arrangements for this apply to both full-time and part-time trainees. Movement is at the discretion of the GP Dean and GP Specialty Trainees will be expected to show that they have well-founded reasons for moving.

GPStRs must first approach their educational supervisor and then their local VTS Programme Director (PD) to discuss their request for an Intra Deanery Transfer.

PDs and GPStRs need to be aware that a “protected” transfer bypasses the normal appointment process for the receiving Scheme. In reaching a decision, the receiving scheme will take into account all relevant circumstances concerning the application including any previous applications to that scheme.

There are two quite different sets of reasons for needing to move between schemes, which must justify such a “protected” transfer.

1. Well-founded personal reasons (usually permanent transfers)

These will often be related to family, such as the genuinely unavoidable move of a spouse or committed partner to another part of the country, or illness in a dependent family member, which could not have been foreseen when the appointment to the current GPStR’s rotation was made. If they are to be considered for a transfer on these grounds, applicants will be required to provide independent, verifiable evidence of change in their circumstances subsequent to their initial appointment, and movement will not be supported within the first year of the GP Vocational Training programme. These transfers are “not an entitlement” and the decision will be influenced not only by the strength of the personal case but also the impact of the requested transfer on other trainees in the receiving Scheme. The final decision will rest with Oxford Deanery IDT Panel, who will be advised by the GP Dean.

If agreed in principle, a commitment will be made, but actual placement in the GP training programme may not be possible immediately or even for some time. That will depend on the availability of an appropriate slot in the training programme for GPStRs in the receiving VTS. Current priorities for placements in training practices due to other recruitment measures/remedial training will also be taken into account by the receiving VTS.

2. Educational grounds (temporary transfer unless permanent transfer explicitly agreed)

A range of situations arise or exist:

i) Remedial and targeted training:

It may be appropriate for remedial and targeted training to take place away from the host scheme. Such training will be for a defined period of time and with pre-determined objectives and outcomes agreed by the GP Dean. The GPStR will retain his/her original National Training Number and on the completion of the training should return to the host scheme.

ii) Fixed rotations between Schemes as part of the regular planned training programmes.

3. Other movements and transfers

GPStRs wishing to transfer because they would prefer training in another Scheme, not on the specific advice of the home Scheme or GP Dean, can only transfer by applying in open competition for a place on a GP training programme in another Scheme.

4.   Flexible training

This guidance applies equally to those in or seeking flexible training, subject to the normal working practice in the receiving Scheme with regard to flexible training numbers, organisation and funding.


If you wish to be considered for an Intra-Deanery Transfer you should:

  • Approach your educational supervisor and your local VTS Programme Director to explain why you are seeking an Intra-Deanery transfer. If doing this for personal reasons, you must be able to show a significant change in your personal circumstances, which accounts for this request. You will be required to provide independent, verifiable, documentary evidence to support your claim of a change of circumstances.
  • You should begin this process as soon as possible at least 3 months before the proposed transfer date. Please note that you should have been in post for 12 months before applying for an intra-deanery transfer.
  • Complete an application form requesting an Intra-Deanery Transfer and submit it to your Programme Directors.
  • Please note that meeting the criteria for an intra-deanery transfer request does not guarantee a placement in the proposed Scheme. This will depend upon the availability of an appropriate vacant post.

Intradeanery request form