Paternity Leave

You are entitled to 2 weeks paternity leave and pay if you are the biological or adoptive father or the mother’s husband or partner (of either sex provided they have an enduring relationship and live with the mother) who is to have or expected to have responsibility for the child’s upbringing and

  • You have 12 months continuous service with the NHS at the beginning of the expected week of childbirth or expected date of adoption (you are likely to be entitled to Occupational Paternity Pay)


  • You have completed 26 weeks continuous service with the Trust by the 15th week before the expected date of childbirth or expected date of adoption – (you are eligible for Statutory Paternity Pay)

You need to liaise with your department or practice and also with the single lead employer HR department.

The leave must be taken within 56 days following the date of birth or adoption.

Shared Parental Leave

Shared parental leave (SPL) is created when an eligible mother / adopter brings their maternity or adoption leave to an end early. The untaken weeks of maternity or adoption leave can be taken as SPL if the mother/adopter or their partner is eligible for this, up to a
maximum of 50 weeks.

If you are considering applying for shared parental leave please contact one of the PDs to discuss this.