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Non-urgent advice: What is the RCA/CSA

Assessment of your clinical skills is one of the three components of the MRCGP qualification – necessary to complete GP training in the UK. It aims to test various aspects of General Practice through the form of observed consultations. Traditionally this involved 13 simulated patients at an exam centre, however currently, due to COVID 19, this has been replaced with 13 recordings (audio, video, or video calls) of real patient consultations which are submitted through the 14 Fish platform.

Non-urgent advice: Aim of the RCA/CSA

“Test a doctors ability to gather information and apply learned understanding of disease processes and person-centred care appropriately in standardised context, make evidence-based decisions, and communicate effectively with patients and colleagues.”

Non-urgent advice: Marking Schedule

– 13 cases
– Marked on the 3 domains of data gathering, clinical management and interpersonal skills.
– Each domain has an equal numerical score
– Total 18 for each case, 6 points per domain
– Examiner  also marks whole case as pass, fail or borderline
– For borderline cases score is added and averaged
– Based on this they will integrate the scores and produce the pass mark

Non-urgent advice: Top Tips

– Have a consultation plan
– Recording – do lots, start early, watch with trainer.
– Practising cases with your trainer
– Courses
– Practise from CSA books which have a marking schedule