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Non-urgent advice: What is the CSA

The CSA (clinical skills assessment) is one of the three components of the MRCGP qualification – necessary to complete GP training in the UK. It aims to test various aspects of General Practice through the form of clinical stations with simulated patients.

Non-urgent advice: Aim of the CSA

“Test a doctors ability to gather information and apply learned understanding of disease processes and person-centred care appropriately in standardised context, make evidence-based decisions, and communicate effectively with patients and colleagues.”

Non-urgent advice: Structure of the CSA

— On desk will be an iPAD with all the cases for that session as well as peak flow chart, prescriptions, med 3s, tuning fork and tongue depressors.
— Examination couch as well
— Buzzer rings to mark start and end of consultation
— 2 minutes between each case
— Break of 10-15 minutes after 7 cases, water coffee and tea. With all other candidates and cannot speak about exam
— At the end they will knock on your door and leave
— Could well include home visits and children simulators over 11
— Need to bring your own BNF, Stethoscope, Ophthalmoscope, Auroscope, Thermometer, Patella Hammer, Tape measure, PEFR meter and disposable mouth pieces (EU standard)

Non-urgent advice: Marking Schedule

—13 cases
— Marked on the 3 domains of data gathering, clinical management and interpersonal skills.
— Each domain has an equal numerical score
— Marked as clear pass ( 3), pass ( 2), fail (1) and clear fail (0)
— Total 9 for each case- 117 overall
— Examiner  also marks whole case as pass, fail or borderline
— For borderline cases score is added and averaged
— Based on this they will integrate the scores and produce the pass mark – around 72 +/-2

Non-urgent advice: Top Tips

— Get a revision group together- minimum 4 people, start at least 6 months before the exam
— Have a consultation plan
— Videoing – do lots, watch with trainer.
— Practising cases with your trainer
— Courses: most CSA courses are pretty good.
— Practise from CSA books with have a marking schedule
— Be yourself and try to relax a little. Tell yourself “This is going to go well”. The consultation will flow better.