Recording Sickness Absence

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During the course of your training it may be necessary to take some time off due to sickness. If you need time off for sick leave please follow the steps below to ensure your absence is recorded correctly as discrepancies in time out of training (TOOT) can impact/delay your ARCP outcome.

When you go off sick you are expected to 

  1. As soon as possible inform the designated person at your practice so they can inform your patients and block your rota. This may be your practice manager or a designated administrator at the practice. 
  2. Inform or ask that the practice manager (or designated administrator) informs your supervisor for the session and your clinical supervisor (CS) of your absence so adjustments can eb made to the session.
  3. On the first day of your return to work email your practice manager (or designated administrator) and cc and with the details of first and last day of your absence. 
  4. Update your e-portfolio with the dates of your absence, recording this as the first and last date of your sickness. Follow the link to see how this is done;

5. You can access the full BTHFT Trust Leave Policy by clicking the link.