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If you are currently working in a GP post (innovative training posts excluded) there is an expectation that you undertake Out of Hours (OOH) sessions in order to collect supporting evidence for the Clinical Experience Group ‘Urgent and Unscheduled Care’ (UUC). For anyone who is new to the Out of Hours you may find the OOH/UUC Blackboard Module helpful in getting set up and registered. You will find all the essential information on the module to get started in the OOH setting.

If you do not have access to the blackboard platform as of yet you can still complete the registration process and book session by following the instructions below.

Although there is no specific mandated number of sessions you are required to undertake, We would expect you would need to undertake approximately 1 session per month in the OOH setting in order to demonstrate your capability in this clinical experience group. This would be in addition to evidence from your in hours on-call sessions/duty doctor sessions which also count towards the UUC clinical experience group 

Don’t forget to inform your practice manager when you book an OOH session, as you can claim this time back from your practice. The practice may also need to make an adjustment to ensure you have adequate rest hours after your OOH session so they may need to delay your start time the following day. 

Telephone Triage Induction 

The induction to OOH GP training is now virtual. You can access this at through this link. You can also access training on the SystmOne interface in the OOH setting at here

The presentations cover familiarisation to OOH System One and an introduction to working in the OOH setting. You must complete these modules in order to be able to be approved for registration.

There are three attachments at the bottom of this page that you may find useful (Three-way calling, Operational Training and Telephone Triage from the appointment diary). They include screen shots of how to undertake specific task when undertaking triage in the OOH setting. You can download the PDF documents from this page.

Once you have reviewed the training material you will be provided with a certificate. Please forward this to Rota@lcdwestyorks.nhs.uk in order for your training to be recorded.

Access to SystmOne OOH

Before you attend any OOH sessions you must complete this form to have your smartcard access updated. 

If you don’t already have a smartcard you should contact IT at Field House, BRI on 01274 382444 to make an appointment to obtain one.  When attending an appointment for a smartcard you will need to take some form of ID with you to the appointment.  Please see the following link for details of what ID is acceptable.

If you have any queries about getting set up with the OOH service please contact  Rota@lcdwestyorks.nhs.uk

Access to RotaMaster 

In order for you to book OOH sessions you will need access to the RotaMaster system which details all the OOH sessions that are available to you. To enable you to have access to the Rota Master system please complete the form

Once your account has been created the LCD team will provide you with some login details and instructions on how to use the system.

OOH Summary/Recording & Feedback Form

When you have completed an OOH session please complete the attached OOH Session Recording and Feedback Form and the OOH Summary Form (below) and upload these to your e-Portfolio in readiness for your ARCP.

If you have any queries about getting set up with the OOH service please contact  Rota@lcdwestyorks.nhs.uk

Best wishes

Dr Abid Iqbal

TPD lead for OOH and UUC