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You should hopefully be receiving emails from the scheme. If you are not, or don’t remember any, please contact the scheme administrator to be added to the mailing list.

Non-urgent advice: RCA information

Non-urgent advice: WBPA requirements

Information can be found here.

Non-urgent advice: Eportfolio

Information can be found here.

Non-urgent advice: Trainer’s Plenary

Non-urgent advice: ARCP Dates

HEE will notify the trainee and ES of all upcoming ARCP dates.

Non-urgent advice: Contacts at Yorkshire-Humber Deanery

Trainer Quality Assurance (Vic Jaxon)
Mentoring Intending
Involvement in central ARCP panels
Involvement in scheme ARCP panels

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Annual Conferences & Events

Other than our own annual Trainers’ Development Conference, there are a number of other annual educational events that our HEE GP School will usually fund
(but please check with them first – email

Scaling the Heights

Annual 2 day conference roughly May every year in the UK. Roughly about 50 attendees. Highly rated and recommended. New TPDs, Established TPDs, New Trainers, Established Trainers, other Primary Care Educators – all welcome. They have a wonderful website.

RCGP Annual Conference

Roughly about 1000 attendees held in the UK. Whilst most are not GP Trainers, there is a session for GP educators on the last day. 3 day conference – but you can choose to go to 1, 2 or 3 days. All 3 days are full of educational material. And you can get invited to the Yorkshire & the Humber Whats App group to help you network in this vast arena.

EURACT Conference

A 2 day conference run every 2 years in a European city. Receive an education and a break at the same time. Get to network with other Primary Care Educators from other countries. See how things are done elsewhere – and nab those ideas! And get to relax on a beautiful chosen city.

WONCA Conference

Whilst EURACT is held in a European city, WONCA is held across the world! Get to network with Primary Care Educators across the whole globe! Click on their website and then hit the “CONFERENCES” tab to read more.

Educational Resources

There are three main sites that provide exceptional resources…

Latest Updates

Please take a look at our Events & News page for local events, updates and news items re GP training in Sheffield.