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Dear all,

We have just received advice from HEE about the new RCGP educational requirements for GP registrars.

Out of Hours is no longer a separate educational requirement.

There is a requirement for registrars to demonstrate capability/competence in “Urgent and Unscheduled Care” (UUSC) this can be demonstrated in settings other than OOH providers, This may include other activities eg daytime on call/duty doctor in practice, urgent home visits  and/or unprebooked hub sessions.

More specifically there is no longer a requirement for ST1 to do any OOH shifts as working doctors (although they may observe) 

The expectation is that in order to demonstrate capability in UUSC ST3s will undertake 48 hours of “traditional” OOH care ie shifts at the GP collaborative. 

So with immediate effect ST1s do not have to do shifts at the GP collaborative from an educational point of view.

We will expect ST3s to complete 48 hours over the 12 months of ST3 which is more or less equivalent to what they do now. 

Any contractual issues related to OOH are a matter for STH as lead employer. 

The GP collaborative have indicated that they wish to cancel all booked ST1 shifts with IMMEDIATE effect. 

We have included a link to the RCGP website which has the OOH summary log sheet  and the OOH session recording and feedback form for the trainees to use and upload after each shift to document.


We will provide further information as it emerges 

TPDs will be able to discuss with trainees at Thursday teaching. 

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