Out of Programme Experience

Taking Time Out of Programme (OOP)

The Severn School of Primary Care offers our GP Doctors in Training (DiTs) the opportunity to spend time out of programme between ST2 and ST3 to further develop their career.

Time taken OOP is defined in the Gold Guide sections 6. It is important to recognise that it is not a “right”, and that agreement depends on the practicalities of releasing a DiT from their rotation.

Time OOP can in theory address a DiTs’ needs in 4 ways:

  • OOP training (OOPT) in which non-programme experience counts towards the award of a CCT – Not generally applicable to general practice
  • OOP experience (OOPE) in which a DiT gains valuable experience, but still needs in addition to complete a full 3 years of GPST
  • OOP research (OOPR) for research – usually towards a higher degree.
  • OOP career break (OOPC) to spend time pursuing other interests or to meet (for example) a health or caring need.

Further details and how to apply are available at: