The Induction Programme

Induction is critical to establishing a good relationship with a new Doctor in Training (DiT). Whilst they may have worked in other GP practices, each one is very different, often with different software and processes.

Consider the following:


  • General introduction to the practice staff and building.
  • Health and Safety / Fire Safety and emergency procedures.
  • First Aid / Resuscitation Kits.

Introduction to IT / Systems

  • Clinical System and how to record
  • Other systems i.e. Docman, Scriptswitch, e-requesting
  • How to make referrals – Choose and Book and referral forms
  • Prescribing
  • Appointment Systems
  • QOF and read coding

Practice Policies and the contract

Considerations for Practice Managers:

  • Set up induction policy / induction programme
  • Include a 2 week induction programme to include sitting in with various staff (GPs, Nurses, Attached Staff, visit to the pharmacy) to understand consultation styles and systems.
  • Arrange feedback from registrars after the induction programme to look at how induction could be improved in the future.
  • Set up a spreadsheet to monitor all leave. Annual leave and study leave should be submitted to GHNHSFT at the end of the training period at the practice. Leave arrangements can be found at