Financial Incentives

The practice gets a training grant for each registrar.  This is a monthly payment that is made via the NHS Commissioning Board Local Area Teams and is listed on the monthly Open Exeter statement.

In addition to this, the Deanery pays CPD grants and Educational Supervision grants to support practices. These payments are made automatically to the practice, so no invoice needs to be raised.

A registrar in Swindon will typically be employed by Gloucester Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (GHNHSFT). The hosting practice needs to have a Service Level Agreement set up between the practice and GHNHSFT.  This is an agreement that is set up when the practice first starts training.  The practice will also need to set up an Honorary Contract between itself and the Doctor in Training (DiT).  The practice and DiT need to sign the contract and the Practice Manager returns this to the GHNHSFT.  Forms for the SLA and honorary contract can be found at

All payment for the registrar including their salary, mileage and reimbursement for medical defence insurance is paid by GHNHSFT. A PAY1 form no longer needs to be completed.  GHNHSFT will liaise directly with the trainee to identify the information they need to employ the trainee.

If the circumstances of a DiT change a PAY2 form should be completed.  This would include maternity leave, long term sick leave or change from full time to part time.  The form can be found at the Severn Deanery website at


  • Ensure that the honorary contract is signed by new DiTs and returned to the Medical Staffing Manager at GHNHSFT based at 1st Floor, Sandford Education Centre, Keynsham Road, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire GL53 7PX.
  • Check that the relevant grants have been paid
  • Ensure that a PAY2 form is completed by the DiT where there is a change of circumstances.