Training in Swindon

About the Area

Swindon offers one of the best training experiences in the country. Swindon is a large town with all the amenities that you would expect for an urban area of its size, however it is surrounded by the beautiful countryside of Wiltshire, Oxfordshire and the Cotswolds. It is well located, with excellent road and rail links to Bristol, the South West, Oxford, Bath and London. 

Find out more about Swindon on the ‘Visit Swindon’ website

Most secondary care jobs are based in the modern and very well respected Great Western Hospital in Swindon. There are a diversity of training practices covering rural and urban areas, and we ensure that Doctors in Training have positive but very different experiences in their 2 practice placements. The education team is enthusiastic and committed to ensuring that you have the best training experience possible during your time in Swindon.

For more information about training in the Swindon area please see our slideshow

How to Apply

Application for general practice training is through the: National Recruitment Office for General Practice

Training in the Swindon area is part of the: Severn Deanery School of Primary Care

The linked websites above will provide you with all the necessary information to apply to GP training in Swindon.

Training Practices

Our training practices are located across a wide geographical area both in Swindon and in the surrounding towns

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