Educational Events

GPVTS – Half Day Release Course (HDRC) / Small Group Teaching

HDRC is one of the main teaching elements to the GP Training Programme and runs on Wednesday Mornings

Timetables for HDRC and details of how these sessions run are available in the ‘Programmes’ Tab under ST1/ST2 or ST3 headings

GP Swindon Education Trust Programme

Swindon Education Trust (SET) is a long established charitable trust (Registered Charity No. 1043345) which provides high quality education events for GPs working and training within the Swindon, Wiltshire and Cirencester area. Find out more on the SET website HERE

Below is the link to the 2021 timetable of educational events for GPs and specialist trainees working in the area.

GPs/GP Trainees (Practice Nurses if applicable)       

Apply here to join the Swindon Education Trust (GP Trainees can apply for free membership under their GP Training Membership Plan. Once registered you will get an individual SET account which you can then use to book your courses online)

LEARNING CREDITS – For each hour of learning you attend you will gain 1 learning credit i.e. Full day = 6 Credits, Half Day = 3 credits, Evening = 2 credits. We provide forms at the end of the course that help you to reflect on your learning and encourage you to consider how this may change your practice.