Learning Goals for Hospital Placements (Scottish Super-condensed Curriculum Guides)

Learning Goals for Hospital Placements

Scottish Super-Condensed Curriculum Guides

In order to provide some guidance on what GP Trainees should be looking to gain from each hospital post, Peninsula PGME recommends looking at the the South East Scotland Super Condensed GP Curriculum.

To help make sense of this, Heather Pocock (AD in South East Scotland) and colleagues have produced a series of guides covering different hospital posts.

Each guide has 14 pages which follow a similar format.

The first 8 pages are the same in all guides. These pages introduce the guide and provide information concerning assessments and meetings with the Clinical Supervisor. There is an implication that an MSF is required in all posts, which is incorrect (two cycles of the  MSF are performed in ST2 and ST3 as a minimum). The ‘meat’ comes in page 9 and offers learning outcomes in different settings. Pages 10-14 include a trainee confidence rating exercise and conclude with a summary of trainee learning needs for the post.

Where the guides refer to the timeline for Clinical Supervisor/Trainee meetings, the assumption is that all posts are 6mo in duration; where you are in a 4mo post, the dates will need to be adjusted accordingly.