About us

About us

About Our Training Programme

The Hull GP Training Scheme is known for its innovative training programme, wide range of educational opportunities and personalised support, giving GP trainees in Hull a varied, holistic and memorable training experience. We are known for being a well run, approachable and friendly training scheme with an enthusiastic and innovative training programme team who are focussed on supporting you through your learning journey.

All of our registrars have the opportunity to spend time in one of our innovative posts (ITP) which is a split between general practice and various community clinics.

All our registrars are allocated a named TPD; each TPD group meets for 30 min at the beginning of each HDR session where you can discuss any issues arising from your training or any interesting learning points. This also gives the opportunity of social interaction and support across the scheme.

Innovative posts

  • Community gynaecology
  • Community vascular
  • Community DME and medical elderly
  • Community ambulatory care unit
  • Community diabetes
  • Community paediatrics
  • Community drug and alcohol
  • Community homeless medicine
  • Community rehabilitation
  • Otolaryngology

Hospital posts

  • Geriatric medicine (7 posts)
  • Emergency medicine (6 posts)
  • General psychiatry (5 posts)
  • Medical oncology (4 posts)
  • Obs and gynae (4 posts)
  • Respiratory medicine (2 posts)
  • Palliative medicine (2 posts)
  • Rheumatology (2 posts)
  • ENT (1 post)
  • Musculoskeletal (1 post)
  • Cardiology (1 post)
  • Dermatology (1 post)

Learning Opportunities on our Programme

We offer a wide range of learning opportunities in different settings tailored around you, the adult learner. The programme includes our varied and interactive Half Day Release (HDR) programme