Year 2 GP Trainee (ST2) Teaching Programme

ST2 – B February 2023 – July 2023

In ST2-B we focus on patient demographic groups and look at how this affects health and disease. In General Practice, patients do not present neatly in a block of respiratory or dematology problems one after another, but mixed up within a clinic, and often with multiple connected problems in a single consult. As part of your training in holistic care and increasing understanding of the importance of the psychosocial context patients exist in, we encourage you to focus on the person and not the problem as the semester progresses.

GP trainees consulting with an older couple
GP trainees consulting with an older couple

Here follows the timetable for ST2-B. This remains subject to change as guest speakers may need to alter their availability.

Sessions begin at 1400 and will usually finish by 1630 unless indicated. On occassion, things may overrun and trainees are encouraged to stay if possible, but it is recognised that some may have care arrangements that require them to leave at 1630.

We remind you that as part of your paid employment you are required to attend teaching when scheduled unless on approved leave (such as rest time post-nights, annual leave or a zero day). Please familiarise yourself with the Attendance Policy and how to report a planned absence.

The Communication Skills sessions take place on select dates for trainees that have been allocated to that cohort. All trainees will be allocated to the course during their ST2 time by Carole Kennedy. Only allocated trainees should attend these session.

The course begins February 2023

 Date Time LocationTopicSpeaker
7th Feb2.00 – 5.00Lecture Theatre,
Education Centre
Welcome to ST2-B and Learning DisabilityDr Seb Pillon
21st Feb2.00 – 4.30Lecture Theatre,
Education Centre
Postnatal Maternal MedicineDr Rebecca Cruickshank
7th Mar2.00 – 4.30Lecture Theatre,
Education Centre
Men’s HealthDr Derek Adu-Sarkodie
21st Mar2.00 – 4.30Lecture Theatre,
Education Centre
Lifestyle MedicineDr Sandra Quenault
4th AprilEASTER –
11th AprilEASTER –
18th April2.00 – 4.30Lecture Theatre,
Education Centre
Clinical Cases in GenomicsGlenda Beaman & Kate Ruck
2nd May2.00 – 4.30SR1,
Education Centre
Primary Care Paediatricsdate and content tbc
16th May2.00 – 4.30Lecture Theatre,
Education Centre
Adverse Childhood Events and Psychological Developmentdate and content tbc
30th May2.00 – 4.30Lecture Theatre,
Education Centre
LGBTQ Healthdate and content tbc
13th June2.00 – 4.30Lecture Theatre,
Education Centre
Rural GPdate and content tbc
27th June2.00 – 4.30Lecture Theatre,
Education Centre
Asylum Seeker Healthcaredate and content tbc

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