Communication Skills Training in ST2

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The true skill and speciality of a General Practitioner is in how we communicate efficiently and empathically with patients to generate diagnoses and patient-centred management plans.

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Developing these skills takes practice and experience, but also a good grounding in the theory and established research around “how to consult”. The Consultation Skills Course is designed to help trainees move from hopsital-style clerking to more nuanced and patient-centred style of consultation, to prepare trainees for both their MRCGP examinations, as well as their future careers.

The Consultation Skills Course usually takes place during the ‘GP Plus’ post placement and runs along side the ST2 Education sessions at the education centre. The sessions are arranged and delivered by Dr Julian Tomkinson and other GP staff based at the Oaks Family Practice.

In non-pandemic times, sessions are at Crompton Health Centre and start at 2pm. Until further notice however, all sessions will be held via MS Teams.

If you are an ST2 in a GP or GP+ post, you will be allocated to either the February or August start. The course is repeated each year so that everyone can attend.

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